Shoemagic Upper


ShoeMagic-Upper is a CAD/CAM system for shoe industry. A 2D/3D cooperation enviroment is based on OpenCasCade library technology, by combining experience of the industry specialist and technology of the computer aid design,there is no gape for data exchange and upper/sole process. It provides a fast, easy, accurate approach in shoe industry.

ShoeMaigc-Upper is a parametric system, records your process/information in a tree sturcture. This structure gives the benefit for parametric design change, and is a fundamental of the product data management. With these features, you can replace last/ adjust half piece/ modify sketch lines….etc. after you finish designing pattern; then, the result (patterns ) will be automatically updated.


Starting from a last model , ShoeMagic-Upper provides the tools for modification and grading last, its industrial standard interface allow outputing last for NC milling.

3D design:

After flattening the last, user can directly design on 3D last or on 2D half piece. The Modification of the 3D will automatically modify 2D at the same time and viceversa. Our convenient sketch functions are made for users who have no CAD experience.

Pattern Engineering :

Pattern engineering is difficult for shoes that have thicker and different thickness patterns (Like sport shoes).ShoeMagic-Upper provides different thickness on each pattern, this feature helps to ensure the accurate engineering design.Thanks to ShoeMagic-Upper parametric structure, even your pattern engineering has completely finished ,you can do design change easily. Like change last/ readjust half piece /modify sketch lines…etc. The patterns will be automatically changed

Grading :

Today sole and upper are designed together like a whole style. But in traditional process, last has a grading rule,upper has an another one and sole has an another one, as well. This is a gape between each manufacture in last,upper and sole. And it will cause difficulties in production. Strongly request from customer, ShoeMagic-Upper develops special grading function "All in one 3D grading". The 2D Patterns, 3D components ,sole and 3D last are graded with the same rule – "Last grading rule".In this kind of grading, last is graded to each size and flatten on each size; then following parametircs in basic size to rebuild all patterns . Thus the designing parametric still be kept in each size. User can do design change by parametric on individual size.