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Shoemagic Sole

SHOEMAGIC SOLE is an unique system developed for the Footwear Industry customer needs.

Speed & Easy

ShoeMagic Import 2D/3D Base size cad data that can get all graded sizes 2D/3D cad result after setup the Geometry condition and fill the grading table in friendly windows environment

Accuracy result & complete specification

Export High Quality 3D/2D graded cad result ( Iges, Step , Rhino 3DM ,STL,Dxf….) Sidewall thickness, geometric shapes keeping , common components sharing , Customize request functions for Sole application request.

EVA Injection shrinkage solution included grading and morph functions

Shoemagic's Benefit:

Current Process Mannual grading
Implement Normal half or one-year for training
Cost Two or three shifts for project
Lead-Time One-two weeks project time
Quality Quality is very dependent on user
SHOEMAGIC Automation grading.Injection Shrinkage System
Implement One week training is enough
Cost Only one-system is enough
Lead-Time 2-4 Hours for pre-process
2-4 Hours for all size grading
Quality Quality is fixed on the quality of basic model

Function Introduction


SHOEMAGIC is a special application for shoe industry full size grading.

  • Accept IGES file from any CAD/CAM system or Scanning data from scanner.
  • According to a grading table , automatically grading full sizes model
  • The calculation include every parts. ex: out sole , mid sole, shank, bag …, and even characteristic lines for drawing, parting surface for machining.
  • If all specification has defined in 2D drawings. "Shoe-Magic" can find grading points for each component part from two different drawing.
  • Can keep side wall thickness ,RB thickness ,Toe spring, Arch…. More will come recently
  • Define some components in several size (shank,bag….) .
  • Also define characteristic for components parts, like solid or flexible


  • SHOEMAGIC can define different expansion ratio in different blocks.
  • ShoeMagic V4.0 add Morph Function
  • The different scale ratio include "Spine ares:X,Y,Z" and "Side wall:thickness / height"
  • SHEOMAGIC automatically caculate to scale down model.